About Us

Gribbit Online is and independent research firm dedicated to identifying the top rated local home service providers across the country through a comprehensive methodology that homeowners can trust.

Having someone entering your house and fixing your personal belongings can be a worrisome situation. You will do whatever it takes to make sure you hire the right person. Even if the contractor you’re considering has a website — you will still look for testimonials posted there with a grain of salt.

There are many independent review sites for home services, but most offer their own frustrations. Take Angie’s List as an example, they have a huge database but required a paid membership to view reviews. Yelp is even worst, it is one of the most targeted aggregator sites by SEOs to submit fake reviews for the sake of a good reputation management service. Furthermore, most of these websites do not directly stated how much the vendor charges for the service you need. Thus, you might catch on an overpriced offer.

We want to shake things up with GribItOnline.com, a new service that connects targeted customers with professionals that provide services from the most basic one (cleaning) to the high-end service (plumbing and home remodeling).

A little bit about me. For over 5 years, I was consulting for more than 20 Home Remodeling, Landscaping, Electrical, Plumbing, Restaurants, and Home Inspections companies in over 17 major cities. My brother, Oliver and I wanted a real and honest reviews for our readers. Reviews and articles posted on this site are taken from our personal experience, family, members, colleagues, and from our members.

Using our confidential formula for research and evaluation process, we have found 15 premium companies and growing across the country in different categories such as food delivery, roofing, plumbing, and landscaping.

Our team is a group of professional staff of researchers, survey specialist, internet marketers, dedicated managers and editors that work diligently to provide solid information in the market we serve.

Nobody is perfect. Likewise, there is no perfect business because people run business and real people have feelings. They can have a bad day and make small mistakes. However, we should take a review as a whole and based on the overall quality they have. What customer expect from a service provider is a consistent and high performance in their work for homeowners and this is what we want to give to our readers. May the best man wins!


Founder & CEO
Michael Sanchez